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Our Story

In the winter of 1999, Albert Nazifi, a junior of South Milwaukee High School, unexpectedly passed away from a brain aneurysm. Being the kind of person he was, his friends, coaches, teachers and students created a Powder Puff football game in his honor May of the year 2000. The yearly blood drive was also dedicated to him. The blood center called our family to tell us how it was one of the greatest turnout and positive donation drives that they ever had. Adding to that we gained a voice in the media; with many new friendships and bonds created throughout the community between people that may had otherwise forever been strangers.

It seemed as though each time his name was mentioned, there were crowds of people. However, it wasn’t just people that showed up, but also a large amount of funds that were donated to our family. We wanted to use those funds to represent his spirit and give back to everyone that helped us get through the difficult time. So, we gave it all to the school some of which were dedicated toward starting a scholarship fund and building the Powder Puff football game into an annual event. 


So many years later it has become much more than just a game or a scholarship, it’s a lesson learned. If we as strangers can come together and overcome such a tragedy and make a win-win situation out of this, then you as an individual can overcome any obstacle and bring your dreams to pass. It’s not what life gives you, it’s how you will handle it, that will dictate your future.


Our community may be small, but it has a big heart and a strong voice. Thank God for the love and care of friends, family, teachers, coaches, students and our community, that we claimed victory from our loss. Still today, over 20 years later, people are happy to donate, volunteer, and enjoy the game. Everyone has fun. It’s all made possible by volunteers and donations.  We have given over 100 scholarships and still going strong. We are always grateful to give back some of the light that came through in our darkness.


                                                           Thank you from The Nazifi family


Our Message:

You can plow through your storm and come out stronger than before...

Even Death Shouldn't Stop Your Race!

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Students on a Break
High School Friends

The Scholarships are awarded each year to two to four students. Winners are selected by a team of faculty, teachers, coaches and students. Applicants are recognized as having maintained a high GPA throughout their high school years and participated in extracurricular activities. 

All donations are allocated towards the Albert Nazifi Scholarship Fund and awarded annually at the South Milwaukee High School Powder Puff Football Game. If you or someone you know is or will be a senior at SMHS and would like to be considered for the scholarship, please contact the SMHS Athletic Director Ante Udovicic at


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